Silver Cord is a graduation award available to Waukee Community School Distict graduates. It’s given to those who volunteer each year of high school starting in 9th grade. To earn the Silver Cord, students must volunteer; It requires a minimum of one hundred fifty hours at three or more non-profit organizations, events or programs. When receive upon graduation, students will wear the silver cords over their robes and they will all be recognized, by standing up and being applauded, during the ceremony.      

     But why do students participate in Silver Cord? Trey Schaller stated “Well, I like to help out and it looks good for collage.” Silver Cord does not just look good on college applications, it can be a reason as why they accept graduates into a collage. Plus Silver Cord is extremely helpful when applying for grants which help you pay for colleges and unlike loans, they do not need to be paid back. Is it what you gain from the experience or is it the reward that students are here for?

     “Knowing that you helped someone is a major benefit and that you made a difference in someone’s day, in some situations is pretty awesome.” stated Schaller. He and agree that Silver Cord is done for the joy of giving back to the community. Things you can do are helping clubs, camps and scouts. “I volunteered at many camps such as the living history farms summer camp. I also helped with Waukee basketball camps over the summer and my church.” stated Schaller. People do Silver Cord for many reasons some do it mainly to get into a good college like harvard, while others do it for wanting to learn or help the community. Jade Ballard stated “I wanted to learn about chinese culture. My favorite memory was showing all the students around and being able to explain how everything works in america.”

     Even if students are only doing Silver Cord to get in college the graduates could have a wonderful time and find themselves genuinely enjoying it. Schaller explained “The best part of basketball camp is just hanging out with the kids and just making the camp fun for them. They would come up, ask to play me one on one and that is always fun.” People who have done Silver Cord highly suggest that others do as well, because they really enjoyed what they have done and experienced.

     “I would tell people to take advantage and try Silver Cord out because it is an opportunity to meet new people.” stated Ballard. So this is a warning to all the students of Waukee High School. Even if you do not plan on participating in Silver Cord, try going just once and you might find something you like to do. Now knowing this, the students of Waukee have been encouraged to dip their toes in the water and try it out. As Schaller said “Silver Cord is a great way to give back to the community.”


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