Fall Fun

October 20, 2018

     Sweater weather. Hoodie season. Spooky season. For a time of year with so many nicknames, it is no surprise that with fall comes many activities. Whether it is going to a pumpkin patch for the day with friends, or staying inside and drinking hot chocolate, people enjoy a variety of different fun things during these months. Many people enjoy playing in or attending sports events throughout fall. “Volleyball season’s the best in fall,” said sophomore Trinity Dobbins. Fall is a busy time of year for volleyball, with high school games and practices in full swing along with games for eighth grade teams.

     “Playing soccer,” answered junior Jeffery Denadel when asked about his favorite fall activity. There are many club soccer teams around central Iowa that use fall as a primary season, holding practices throughout the week and participating in games and tournaments on the weekends. Ellen, who many students know from the front desk in the Student Services offices, enjoys football games. “Going to husker football games,” she answered confidently when asked about her favorite fall activity. Senior Mary Badtram also enjoys football games, but high school games and for a different reason. “I’m in band so we get to march in it,” she said.

    With fall comes Halloween. This was one of senior Misbath Akbar’s first thoughts when asked about her favorite thing about fall. “Spooky season,” she said immediately. Deb the lunch lady also enjoys the Halloween festivities that come with this time of year. “I like to take my granddaughter to the pumpkin patch,” she stated. Senior Nate Goodwin, however, seems to be looking ahead to the holiday season. “I like to drink hot chocolate and apple cider,” stated Goodwin. “I also like to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

     With the changing leaves and dropping temperatures comes many different opportunities for fun experiences. Football games, pumpkin patches and apple orchards are just a few of the many different activities fall provides. Embrace the pumpkin spice, battle the cold to find the perfect pumpkin and turn on your favorite horror movie while eating Halloween candy. Happy Spooky Season!


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