Trench Album Review


Callista Freuh, Reporter

     Trench is the newest album from Twenty One Pilots after a much needed hiatus. The hiatus was more than a year and came directly after the last stop of the Blurryface tour. Trench was released on October 5, 2018. Smithereens and Jumpsuit are the two songs that best encompass the band as a whole. They both show the two sides of the kind of music produced. Smithereens being the lighter more bubbly song, and Jumpsuit being the more intense song typically released by Twenty One Pilots and is suffocated in the conspiracies of the album. Both blurry face and Trench are filled with hypothetical characters and lands, some confirmed by the band others not. For example ‘Blurryface’ was a character made by the band representing Tyler’s insecurities which is why the lead singers neck and arms are covered in black while performing and why Josh Dun had red under his eyes. Now the next album is focused on a fictional place called Dema and not much else is known for sure. Fans are just trying to piece it together with hints from lyrics and music videos.

     Smithereens keeps the light loving vibes of most of the songs on Blurryface. The song is different than usual songs as he is saying he would get beat up for a girl rather than beat someone up for them. “For you I would get messed up, weigh 153.” Love songs are still fairly new for Twenty One Pilots as before the Tear In My Heart Tyler Joseph had not written a love song. “I figured after getting married, like I kind of need to write a love song.” That was until he married Jenna Black on March 28, 2015 not long after that Tear In My Heart came out Apr 5, 2015. A new song about his wonderful new wife. The song however is still not stereotypical talking about how much power she has to hurt him, and how she is his weakness. “She’s a butcher with a smile, cut me farther, than I’ve ever been.” In Smithereens he still sings about how he would do anything for her, and doesn’t care that people don’t think love songs are his type of music. “I know they think it’s messed up to sell out for your girl.”

     Jumpsuit is one of the first two songs released and really captures more of the classic Twenty One Pilots vibe. It is the first song on the album and does a good job wrapping up the previous era. At the end of Heavy Dirty Soul, the last music video released in the blurryface era on Feb 3, 2017. In heavy dirty soul we see Tyler Joseph (Lead singer) riding in the back of a black car with Josh Dun (Drummer). The farther we get into the video the car starts to catch on fire and burn around him. The final shot is the car being fully engulfed in flames, being the only light in the night. Then the opening scene of Jumpsuit is the car, no longer on fire but smoking. Tyler is sitting on the car and as he stands back up, the fire is ignited once again.