Study Tips for Finals

October 22, 2018

      With term finals approaching, the beginning of long, sleepless nights will also be playing a role in much of the student body. With more than one class to focus on, how are students supposed to study for them all? Senior, Hima Joseph knows how to be successful holding her accountability in her score of 36 on the ACT. “If you study throughout the term and pay attention in class then you don’t  have to cram.” Says Joseph. A good start to finals begins at the start of your class. Take notes in class that you can actually understand and high light key points you will need to remember. “Being able to test yourself” Joseph mentions is another way to study. Taking notes that able you to cover the answers and read the questions is one way to test your knowledge and see what you still have to focus on. If studying alone is not your forte, then studying with friends in the same class as yourself may help you out. Besides memorizing and questioning, it is important to rest well. “Sleep! Do not pull allnighters.” Joseph goes on to say. No matter how well you revise your notes, if a well rested night is not on your schedule then you may not be able to retain the information you spent hours studying.

It can be frustrating dealing with finals. Although they are meant to test a students knowledge, the heavy waited grade is not beneficial for every student. “On one hand it is a good data point, but a lot of people do well on test individually but one large test, it brings them down,” Joseph says lastly.

Junior, Arshi Sajid feels similarly about the topic. “Last year in AP stats I had an overall B in the class, but was one point away from an A-plus on the final,” mentions Sajid, “If you work hard enough you can get the grade you want on the final, but I don’t think I was that good at the class.” She goes on to say.

In terms of how to study,  “Go over all the study guides your teachers give you.” Sajid says. The work teachers put into preparing you takes time and is meant to support you and your grade. “Finish all of your work for the class and you should be somewhat prepared.” Sajid also mentions. Homework is typically graded so with keeping up on assignments students can have a more stable grade. “Planning ahead, and giving [herslef] time to study for finals” is how Sajid takes care of herself during this time. Despite all of the stress and pressure to get an A, it is also important to make time for having fun. Do not spend all of your time studying but also breaks to go hang out with people and relax. “Learning a bunch of new things the night before will not help you” Sajid points out. Overall, keeping up throughout the term is the most important way to go. “You either know it or you don’t.” Focusing in class and resting before the test is the more prominent way to be successful.


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  1. Habiba Salman on October 6th, 2019 9:11 PM

    Omg!! This really changed the way I study! I love all of Sajid’s “tricks” haha. I wish Arshi Sajid could make her own study blog. That would be everything!!

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