Council Bluffs Trump Rally

October 9, 2018

     “Go Trump!” cheered Miss Teen Nebraska, Caitlin McDonald, waiting outside the Council Bluffs Trump rally. Over 15,000 Americans stood in the October rain showers hoping there is enough room for them in the event center.

     The mile-long line of red hats was full of people sharing umbrellas and laughing together. Although cold and soaking, the crowd smiled with unanymous optimism. Many Trump supporters shared their beliefs with each other. Linda Fry said, “He’s for us Americans, for us little people, for us poor people. He’s one of us. He’s not a swayed politician.” Many students from surrounding colleges attended the rally. Jessica Buhman, a student at Creighton said, “I think he’s one of the best presidents we’ve had. If he would keep his mouth shut, that would be great.”

     Nearby, stood a group of protesters on the street corner. A crowd of women chanted through megaphones. When the protesters were approached to be interviewed they stepped away, denying press access.  Although the protesters were vocal, only few agreed to speak to the media. “I am standing up against President Trump being here, I don’t support him, I don’t think hes a good leader, he disgusts me,” said Emily Carroll, while the reporter was spit on by other protesters.

     Recently, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.7%, the lowest since 1969. Shakeem Brown, a conservative minority benefitted from Trump’s job increase. Brown stated, “It’s kind of hard being a minority supporting Donald Trump because everybody looks at us different… but he’s trying to make America great again and I need a job. He’s doing the right thing.” The Metro College student disagreed, “[Trump’s] only been in office for two years. There’s no way these changes were made by him. He’s picked up where Obama left off and he took credit for everything Obama did.”

     Many discussions surrounded the recent accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. President Trump acknowledged Kavanaugh’s confirmation during his speech. Many supporters also shared their opinions. “I think it’s awesome that Judge Kavanaugh was brought into the Supreme Court. They are seeing right through the BS. It needed to be done,” said Joey Lavigne. Buhman added, “I think for issues like abortion it’s great to have another conservative in the Supreme Court.”  Another college student, Chase Hollingsworth said, “I’m glad Trump stood with his nominee and didn’t back down like any other president would have.”

     While inside the rally, people celebrated their judicial win, but protesters outside had contrasting views. A small group stayed through the end of the rally, waiting outside the Mid-American Center, making themselves visible to the exiting crowd. The opposing sides debated with only yellow police-tape separating them. An anonymous student from Metro Community College stated, “I feel like our whole political system is a f***ing mess. I definitely think they should’ve run more FBI investigations. I actually think there’s underlying s*** going on and there are ways that things can go in favor of republicans because they have money.”

     October 9th, in Council Bluffs Americans practiced their constitutional right to speak freely. Some celebrated, some argued, but they all took notice to the American political system.


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