Waukee Wins District Title

October 21, 2018

     Tensions grew during the last quarter of the Waukee v. Johnston game at the Waukee stadium. Both sides of the field screamed at each pass as the scores between the teams rapidly changed. With 24 seconds left on the clock, one field goal put the Waukee varsity team just one point ahead of their competitor. 31 to 30. The Waukee crowd erupted with cheer and joy, on the sidelines the rest of the football team roared. Successfully maintaining their high, Waukee came out as district champions and will continue onto playoffs next week.

     Although varsity has made it to state in past years, this is the first time in two years they have won a district title. “That was one of the things at the beginning of the year that we set as a goal,” head football coach Scott Carlson explained. Winning this game also means that Waukee will go on to playoff, which will be a home game.

     The morning after the game, the coaches would be informed on who Waukee will play next week for the first round of playoffs, preparation for this game starts immediately. “We have a pretty set regiment of how we prepare,” Carlson stated. “We game plan on the weekends. We will bring the guys in, get them ready and start talking about who we have.”

     The student section radiated energy through the whole night, chanting and cheering along side Key Team Six and the cheerleaders. “It was one of the most exciting games that I’ve been a part of,” Calson stated. “Thankfully for us we were able to come out on top.” Coaches and players alike hope to carry that momentum all the way through playoffs in the coming weeks and come home with the state championship title.


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