Waukee Golf wins

October 5, 2018

     High school sports can be a gateway to making memories that people will never forget. The Waukee Boys Golf Team, after having a successful day in Marshalltown, were able to come back to Waukee with a State Championship and a memory they will cherish for the rest of their lives. They lead second place Pleasant Valley by seven strokes after the first day. The tournament was cancelled due to weather shortly before the second day was set to start. The Warriors were itching to get back on the course and get back to business.

     Senior Griffin Parker was confident that they could have continued their strong play if action had resumed, “We felt that teams were going to think we didn’t prove much which is totally not the case because I think we could’ve shot even lower on day two.” Parker also placed second individually at the State Tournament.  Next year, he will attend the University of Northern Iowa and continue his golf career. A pair of seniors joined Parker with dominating performances in the tournament that lead to them ranking among the top 20 golfers at the tournament, with Michael Vicente placing 11th, while Bennett Pedersen finishing in 19th place.

     While ending the season in dominate fashion was impressive, the journey was arguably even more impressive. Waukee was no stranger to ups and downs throughout the season before reaching their potential. They were still a very good team but still had to work to do to become the great team that they needed to be to reach their goals for the season. Michael Vicente acknowledged how they turned around their season after a slow start, “The whole first half of the season we were losing to a bunch of teams that shouldn’t even have a chance against us. So we had this meeting, we call it our come to Jesus moment.” This meeting served as a wake up call for members of the team to step up if they wanted to make this a memorable season. It certainly seems as if the meeting served its purpose with the team firing on all cylinders the second half of the year and capping it off with a bang.

Marshalltown will always hold a special place in this team’s hearts. They made sure to make the most of their big moment. This meant celebrating the victory, the same way that Waukee’s previous State Championship winning teams had. Vicente explains the tradition they carried on after making a splash at state, “If there ever is a pond close to the clubhouse, tradition is if you win you have to have everyone on the the team that is there jump in the pond.” Now with this accomplish, they etched their name down in history next to teams that also were able complete this spectacular feat.

The team ended the year on top with a victory on the biggest stage. Junior Charlie Steer was not shy in admitting that being a State Champion is special, “It is a big feeling knowing you’re the best in the state is crazy and hopefully we can do it again next year.” The future looks bright for the program going forward as the underclassmen look to build upon this year’s success. This team will be remembered for their triumphs that concluded with a State Championship. It is a big moment for the city of Waukee and something people should not fail to celebrate.


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