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What Bugs You?

What Bugs You?

October 10, 2018

     Eww, a cockroach in the hallway! Many students have had gross experiences throughout Waukee High School that have included bugs of different kinds. What repulses students is the fact that there are bugs living in classrooms, locker rooms, staircases and spreading into the hallways. Sophomore Henry Darveau reported his experience with numerous amount of bugs. Henry explained, “I had just gone back into boys locker room to change out. When I put my shorts in back in my locker, a cockroach about ½ an inch long crawled across my sweatshirt. It then crawled to the underside of the concrete bench. When I went to get a closer look I also saw a bunch of spider eggs.”

     He added, “The next day (Friday) I looked again and there was the spider. Exactly where I had put my lunch and water every single day before the incident.” After the initial sighting, he ran into another insect a couple days later. He had found a beetle in the English stairway and thought it was disgusting. More Waukee students have their own stories and experiences on bugs that live in waukee High School.

     Kassidy Johnson, a senior, stated, “When I was in Myths and Legends it was right outside of Ms. Zavorals room and we were like, sitting there on the computers. She’s like Kassidy move! I’m like… ‘What?’ And I look behind me and theres like this giant cockroach, then we all freaked out.” Kassidy explained that she had seen four cockroaches inside Ms. Zavorals room along with a substantial amount of spiders on many different occasions. Johnson added, “she[Ms. Zavoral]doesn’t really seem like she is bothered by it… every time she sees one she’s like, ‘It’s a school, it’s okay guys.’“

     Some are grossed out about the thought of all the cockroaches and spiders in the high school, yet several people think of how many hours are put into cleaning the whole entire high school. One of the Waukee High School custodians, Jessie Foltz, commented, “Usually about eight and a half.” Waukee High School custodians work hard, day by day to keep WHS clean for each person in the building. Jesse listed the tasks his job includes, like taking out the trash, vacuuming, cleaning desks and whiteboards, and general maintenance. That is a huge job, and getting each and every corner is hard to get to because of how big the high school is.

     “You try cleaning after 2100 people and see how well you can get it most of the time, we try our best is all I can say,” Jesse commented. He claimed that part of the problem starts with the students and teachers, if throwing trash away helps the custodians then it will definitely help the school stay clean and well kept. Insects are attracted by food, crumbs from the trash cans, so maybe the problem is not how clean the school is, but how people that are in the building take care of the high school itself.


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