Homecoming Do’s and Dont’s

September 23, 2018

     Fall brings out a lot of people’s favorite things. The changing of leaves, cool weather, football season and inevitably homecoming. Festivities for homecoming kick-off on the 24th of this month with spirit week, leading up to the game Friday against East. The dance on the 29th should prove to be an eventful and exciting evening. Giving girls the chance to finally bust out that dress they have had picked out since last May, and the fellas with the slim chance to maybe match their belt and shoes. Nonetheless being responsible and smart at the dance is crucial, so on behalf of Arrowboyz news we bring you the Do’s and Don’ts to homecoming, provided by your peers and teachers.


  • “Go all out on days of the week, it’s more fun when everyone does it.” -Senior Michael Vicente
  • “Enjoy the night responsibly.” -Mr. Heisterman
  • “Have a good time, get to know new people.” -Senior Nate Goodwin
  • “Be respectful to all chaperones.” -Senior Aeden Ward
  • “Come presentable.” -Junior Kaylie Carey
  • “Actually dance!” -Senior Molly Jacobson
  • “Get involved, participate and have fun, you don’t have many opportunities like this” -Ms. Starcevich
  • “Make it the best one yet!” -Grace Millsap
  • “Girls leave your shoes in the car.” -Senior Ella Muse
  • “Dance the night away.” -Anonymous


  • “Treat it like a school event, because it is. Have fun but not too much.” -Senior Michael Vicente
  • “Don’t wear shoes you haven’t worn yet.” -Heister- man
  • “Don’t do anything that would cause harm.” -Senior Nate Goodwin
  • “Don’t do anything beforehand that could cause unwanted attention.” -Aeden Ward Senior
  • “Don’t dance scandalously.” -Junior Kaylie Carey
  • “Don’t take your clothes off.” -Junior Maddy Murray
  • “PDA!” -Senior Molly Jacobson
  • “Don’t be a Debbie Downer, let people have fun.” -Ms. Starcevich
  • “Don’t make eye contact with teachers.” -Senior Ella Muse

     Homecoming could very well end up being a day students remember for the rest of their lives. The night can be both exciting and stressful depending on the experience they have. Following the dos and don’ts we, the Arrowboyz news provided, could be the critical guide to make or break the night. For Sophomores, who are going to their first homecoming dance should listen to advice from those who have been to previous years, and take into account what the average night is like. Remember to pay for your date, wear comfy shoes, and most importantly be responsible while having fun.

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