The Meg Movie Review

August 30, 2018

     I have recently seen the new movie, The Meg, and I was thrilled to be jumping out of my seat. The Meg is a shark film with a bigger twist then expected. Killing The Meg is their only option, if they want to live. The Meg is about a team of researchers searching for confirmation to their current project. The team needs more help then they have, so they recruit the main character to help and he later saves the day.

He is the type of person that ‘seizes the day,’ and will risk his life to save others from dying.”

     The Megalodon is what they call the type of shark in this action packed film. When watching this movie you will see many feelings from each character and every character, including the sharks themselves. The Meg involves feeling of regret, sadness, fearful, adrenalin, passion, facetious, and countless of other emotions that you never knew were possible.

     All of the actors that were casted for each part, is why this movie is so significant in the first place. Jason Statham plays the main character throughout the movie, he is the type of person that “seizes the day,” and will risk his life to save others from dying. Jason’s character lives with regret of letting his two best friends die, when he could of saved them. But through the film he realizes that it is not about the people you let die, but the people you save in the process is the thing to remember. I will not get into all of the characters, because many of them die off somehow in the end. When you hear the word die you automatically know there will be a large amount of blood, if your not a fan of any graphic material then this movie is not the right fit for you.

     Overall, the movie had me on the edge of my seat. After I watched the movie I did some research, and found out that Megalodons were alive about 2,000,000- 23,000,000 years ago. Who knew! The shark usually weighed 60 tons and is 20m in length. The jaw size was even more impressive, 7-10 ft and 3 meters wide. Megalodons could swallow any human whole, it is quite alarming to think about. But we do not need to worry about it because, they have been extinct for along time and the only fossil people can find is the megalodon teeth. The sharks teeth are found all over the world.

Megalodons could swallow any human whole, it is quite alarming to think about.”

     Based on when the lights went off at the beginning of the movie, to turning back on at the end of the movie the audiences expressions and reactions during and after were telling me that I definitely was not the only one who fully enjoyed the movie, and would rate it 10/10. I would definitely recommend the movie The Meg, and remember if you see something coming toward you in the water, then it is probably just a fish. Remember Megalodons have been dead for a while now, nothing to be frightened of.

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