Die Lit Album Review

May 21, 2018

     Since his spring 2017 debut album, Playboi Carti has been off the grid in terms of releasing new music. However, last week the drought ended for hip hop fans as Carti delivered his latest project, ‘Die Lit.’ Featuring nineteen tracks with guest appearances from artists, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Nicki Minaj, and Chief Keef to name a few. While the hype surrounding the project was strong, fans were left unsatisfied, hearing familiar flows and bars from Carti.

     Junior Gabe Gamell expressed his feelings on Carti in general. “I think Playboi Carti is a talented guy when he wants to be but he’s just lazy, makes lazy music.” Carti’s music would be considered what some refer to as ‘mumble rap’, but his catchy bars and poppy instrumentals are what keep people coming back to the young artist. Although Gammell believes Carti struggles with consistency in his music, and that most of his tracks are hit or miss. “His last album I thought was a little spotty, it had some good songs on it, also had some really bad songs on it.”

     A recurring theme throughout the ‘Die Lit’ tape is overall repetitiveness. This is more prominent in tracks such as, ‘Mileage’ and ‘Choppa Won’t Miss.’ Because of this trend, some people have regressed from listening to the new mixtape at all. “Honestly I haven’t listened to the new Playboi Carti album cause I think most of his songs sound the same and it’s all redundant, he pretty much makes a bunch of noises about stuff,” said senior Nick Brekke.            

I think Playboi Carti is a talented guy when he wants to be but he’s just lazy, makes lazy music.”

— Gabe Gamell


     For people that did listen to ‘Die Lit,’ some saw their opinions shift on the recent project. Senior Cole Overton elaborated, “After first listen I hated it, but after a couple more playbacks I realized some of the songs go kinda crazy and aren’t that repetitive.” Like most Playboi Carti fans, Overton explained how instrumentals remained his favorite part of the mixtape.

     The project embodied Carti’s traditional glittery trap production and sound. Pierre Borne, Carti’s go-to producer, can take credit for most of the instrumentals, and is also featured on songs ‘Right Now’ and ‘Top.’ Sophomore Macy Kennedy claimed her favorite track is ‘Love Hurts’ and likes how Playboi Carti can deliver songs in different moods. “I think Playboi Carti is different compared to most artists, but I like all music so I don’t think it’s annoying or anything, but I think he resembles Travis Scott a little bit.”

     Gammell still questions what direction Carti and his music takes on moving into 2018. “I think he’ll probably resort back to what got him big because he’s kind of losing some momentum now.” Despite negativity and skepticism from some listeners, Carti’s name is only propelling, with a net worth of nine million, it’s clear the rapper is doing some things right. Nonetheless any criticism or claims, Playboi Carti is blowing up, and catchy songs like, “Shoota” and “Right Now” will resonate throughout this summer.  


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