Waukee High School Walks Out Against Gun Violence

Copy by: Ben Jordison | Interviews by: Kathryn Shumaker, Dana Aguilar and Keegan Pickering | Photos by: Rashed Al Sharqi and Dana Aguilar | Video by: Grace Culbertson

April 23, 2018

Opinions were scattered across the football field on Friday April 20th at Waukee Stadium. At ten a.m. students made the decision whether to stay in class or walkout in an effort to protest a change for gun laws and safety within our schools. Senior Claire Brown was quick to voice her opinion on the walkout. “I guess from a lot of reports in the news that we have seen recently no one in our school should really feel safe when we think about it.”

Likewise for junior Olivia Gordon. “I think it’s very important that everyone realizes that schools need to be safe. It’s not about whether you are republican or democrat. It’s about being safe,” she shared.

Junior Jacob Lyon chose to not walk out Friday morning. “I don’t really think it’ll do much. Here’s the thing, we’ve hit the point where people are constantly trying to make a change. Having people go out in one spot and sit there isn’t making a difference. We’ve hit a wall where making a difference is hard to make.” For those like junior Jack Delaney, they believe the walkout is the best way to raise awareness towards gun control. “People are abusing the second amendment and that’s not fair. That’s not right. And I am protesting that.”

Junior Blake Dowell countered that people are to blame for the recent acts of gun violence. “I don’t think we have a gun problem. We have a people problem. It’s not the guns fault, someone has to pull the trigger.” Nevertheless people’s opinions on the controversy, students were able to make the choice for themselves whether or not to walk out. Waukee Student Council spearheaded and organized the event, making sure that the student body had a clear understanding of  the walkouts’ intended goal. Despite any person’s stance on the walkout, it offered a chance for students to participate however they wanted. Junior Samantha Stewart said, “It’s important for high schoolers to talk about what they believe in even if they don’t feel like it will make a change.”


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