Student Contributions to Voices 4 Hope

March 28, 2018

Ten years ago, Ben Twigg and Scott Blum created Voices 4 Hope, which helps the underprivileged and impoverished across world and contributes to students and families living with homelessness. Voices 4 Hope intended to help provide a voice around the world for the struggling.
The group is also associated with Reggie’s Sleepout and ChildVoice International. Over the past decade, Waukee students have raised more than $60,000 for the ChildVoice program at the Lukome Center. Through all the money that has been matched over the years, the total fund contributions associated with WHS is close to $75,000. Student’s contributions have helped to fund the construction of student buildings. These funds have build several classrooms for the students and their children, as well as staff housing.

During the 2018 coin challenge, Waukee High School raised $3,009, which was then matched for a total of $6,018. A group of students helps to run the challenge, which finished just a week before Spring Break, managed by their teacher sponsor, Janelle Larson. All of the investments from students this year will go towards the implementation of a solar-powered water system. The system will transport water from a borehole (a narrow hole used for finding water or oil) up to the school, kitchens, and other waterlines. Because water will be run up to the school through the system, the teenage girls at the school will no longer have to manually retrieve the water to carry back to the school, which will free up hours of their days. The students can then use their free time to study, care for their children, work in the gardens, or pursue other activities.

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During the 2018 coin challenge, Waukee High School raised $3,009”

Waukee students in the V4H group have been pen pals with the ChildVoice students, and exchange letters about daily life, education, families, and interests that they have. Last November, Jane Patton visited Uganda and recorded videos that allowed the V4H group to see and hear their pen pals. Numerous Waukee High School grads have visited the Center in Uganda after being part of the fund-raising at Waukee. Marisa Craven, Emma Taets, Jessica Havel, Jayne McKeon, and Davis Patton are the students who have taken the trip. Havel has also spent a summer as an intern.

To learn more information about ChildVoice, watch a video made by the organization itself here.

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