1 in 1900: Jacob Dejohn

March 22, 2018

For the past five years, sophomore Jacob Dejohn spent four hours a night and six days a week breaking his back and breaking stereotypes. “I’m a male gymnast, and you don’t see that a lot,” Dejohn explained, “I’m really shy about it. Sometimes it’s a little awkward because people can judge you.”

 Dejohn spends Monday through Saturday at Triad Gymnastics in Ankeny and his weekends traveling to local, regional and national gymnastic meets. This past weekend, Dejohn spent Wednesday through Sunday in Las Vegas competing against gymnasts from all across the country.

“I don’t really have any other hobbies. Gymnastics takes up most of my time,” he continued. This year is the first year DeJohn would be at the eligible age to qualify for nationals in Oklahoma. “I really like the feeling after I complete a new skill,” Dejohn shared.

 Dejohn moved from Virginia to Waukee when he was in 6th grade and has found a home here ever since. “I like how everybody is really friendly,” Dejohn said. One of his favorite things about Waukee is history and psychology teacher Trevor Mickelson, who he finds to be a fun teacher. 

Aside from Mikelson, he also looks up to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. “I think his determination out on the field is cool,” Dejohn explained. While he was definitely disappointed about their recent Super Bowl loss, he knows that the Patriots will be back in the Super Bowl stadium soon. 

His family is made up of his mom, his dad, his younger brother and his fraternal twin brother. “It’s nice, but it also has its drawbacks,” DeJohn informed on what it’s like to have a twin, “If I don’t get a good grade on a test, he knows and knows all my friends so he’ll tell them about it.” 

In addition to his brothers, Dejohn also has several furry family members. “I have three dogs and two cats,” DeJohn explained, “I never see my cats though and the dogs are too lazy to do anything.” The three dogs are named Violet, Charlie and Olive while his cats are named Milo and Duke. 

When he graduates high school in 2020, DeJohn hopes he will have a college gymnastics scholarship to the University of Minnesota. With the National Collegiate Athletic Association reporting that there is only one male gymnast for every four female gymnasts, DeJohn will be stepping outside the norm and back-tucking into a successful future.

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