Love to Volunteer Fair 2018

February 19, 2018

Each and every year, the Love to Volunteer Fair is held to offer many students the opportunity to learn about possible choices for volunteering. The choices include a wide variety of options, from Meals From The Heartland to Safety City. While these options may help those students who wish to complete their 175 silver cord requirement, providing a helping hand to the community could be another reason to visit the annual volunteer fair.

When it comes to Silver Cord, many students know it exists, but don’t know the benefits behind it. “You get to make connections with the community,” said Waukee High School Silver Cord Coordinator Anne Stone, “When you’re going to college, a lot of times they ask about your volunteer work.” The Silver Cord program presents its members with a silver cord that one would wear on their cap when attending their high school graduation. The requirement behind gaining the silver cord is achieving 175 approved hours of volunteer work by April 30th of one’s senior year. Although, if a student is from the class of 2021, they only require 145 hours because they started their first volunteer year late. In addition to the recognition from Silver Cord, students who complete more than 25 hours of documented volunteer work per year would be recognized annually.

At the volunteer fair there were many organizations that were available for students to look at and possibly volunteer at.  Among the organizations, Meals From the Heartland was one that stood out to many students. According to the Meals From the Heartland website, “Meals from the Heartland is a non-profit organization who package meals for delivery to malnourished people in Iowa, across the United States and around the world.” Since the year 2008, they have delivered meals to over 100 million people across the globe who suffer from hunger. There are many ways to help with Meals from the Heartland. “Personally, I liked packaging meals the most,” stated junior Caitlin Conklin. On top of packaging meals, you can be a pack master, be a part of the bucket brigade, be an event greeter, or a dishwasher. To learn more about these roles or learn more about Meals for the Heartland, go online and read more at

The Blank Park Zoo was among the possibilities at the fair. At the zoo, there are countless ways to help. One can work with the staff and take part in the job of being an animal care assistant. The roles that go along with this commitment are doing all of the basic daily chores required at a zoo such as cutting up food, prepping meals, sweeping up after the animals, cleaning, using a hose, lifting heavy loads and following specific instructions. Being a part of animal care means one can be a part of the commissionary team. The duties that come along with this job include diet preparation, disinfecting food, and stocking various items for various animals. To find out more about volunteering for the Blank Park Zoo, go online and read more at

Exactly 1.2 miles away from our school, there is The Lutheran Church of Hope Waukee, which is home to many choices for volunteering, Vacation Bible School(VBS) being a choice among their options. At VBS, there are a wide variety of options to help with the children.

The volunteer fair this year had many organizations and nonprofits for students to look at and possibly help out and volunteer with. From the wide variety of options, it was evident that there was a place for every student that matched them perfectly.


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