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Predictions in Fashion: 2018

February 8, 2018

Your style is a huge part of you. It’s human nature to base a person off of their fashion sense. It tells people who you are and how you live. As the year comes to a close, take a look back on the clothing trends. The year contained many trends inspired by the 90’s. Numerous collaborations were announced, some of the most notable being Supreme x Louis Vuitton, A$AP Rocky x Guess and Rihanna x Fenty. The new year also means many new trends rising. What will be out for the new year? And what will come into trend?

A trend that began to repopularize in 2016, were chokers. Brought back from the 90’s, chokers could be seen on many students at Waukee High School this year. Celebrities, including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, started the trend at the beginning of last year and it caught on very quickly. Styles ranged from black velvet to rainbow colored and were featured in stores like Forever 21 to Michael Kors.

Guess gained popularity amongst students these past few years after their collaboration with A$AP Rocky dropped. The collections featured vintage style pieces branded with the “GUE$$” logo. So far, four collections have dropped and these styles seem to be reviving the Guess brand making this collaboration a very smart move. According to Junior, Claire Kelly, “A$AP Rocky has been really big in both the music and fashion industry recently, so it was definitely a smart move to have a brand that’s in style collaborate with an influential and popular artist”.

Ian Connor and A$AP Rocky

Skinny jeans decreased in popularity this year as a more comfy and less form fitting jean is coming back into style. Boyfriend and Mom jeans started coming into trend. These jeans, popularized by Kylie Jenner, give you comfort as well as some edginess to every outfit. They are high waisted and loose fitting in the legs, allowing more breathability. This style can be paired with a simple hoodie or a cute t-shirt. Stores ranging from American Eagle to True Religion sold this new trend.

NMD’s were widely seen in the Waukee High School hallways this year. This shoe, released by Adidas is unisex. Various selections are available that suit any style. NMD’s are most popularly paired with with leggings and joggers. Their prices range from $100-$230. On top of being stylish, these shoes are perfect for finals week and practical in comfort. Sophomore Luke Chapman says “ I think they are one of the best looking shoes and they are good for any occasion”.

Lululemon mingled its way into the student population at Waukee this year. Although it has mainly been popular among girls in the past years, boys started to join in on the trend, specifically sporting T.H.E Short from the men’s line. Junior, Nathan Morse says, “I feel like Lululemon is really big because it’s very fashionable and it’s very comfortable.”

According to POPSUGAR, a successful beauty, fitness, food, and fashion website, lavender will be on trend”

For the new year, 2018, comfort will continue to be on trend. Youtubers, Andrew and David Fung, project athluxury as an emerging style. Athluxury is the trend in which you mix athletic clothing with high end items. For example, instagram mogul Kylie Jenner pairs Puma, Adidas, and Champion brand sweatpants with tube tops. Calvin Klein clothing and Adidas Calabasas pants are also a brand associated with this trend. Athletic companies continue to produce fashionable sweatshirts and sweatpants that could be worn on the street or in the gym.

Sheer tops are also on trend for girls. Typically paired with bralettes or tanks underneath, sheer tops can be found at Pacsun and American Eagle. This trend is good for layering or when weather begins to heat up. This trend can be considered scandalous by some, but is gaining popularity as time goes on.

According to POPSUGAR, a successful beauty, fitness, food, and fashion website, lavender will be on trend. The cool tone is comforting and relaxed, a projected theme for the upcoming year. Pantone’s color of the year 2018, is ultra violet. Sticking to one color is also an upcoming trend that has been seen all over Instagram on Kim Kardashian West and Blackbear’s page. Neutrals, white on white and black on black are sleek and simple looks that promote a sophisticated, but also chill vibe.

A$AP Rocky has been really big in both the music and fashion industry recently, so it was definitely a smart move to have a brand that’s in style collaborate with an influential and popular artist”

Fanny packs are also making a come back. No longer are they just for soccer mom’s. Fanny packs can be minimalistic, but also a huge statement piece depending on the pattern and size. They are seen as practical for holding belongings and easy to carry around. Purses are still popular, but as the new year rolls around, most might favor practicality over style.  This item can be seen on both males and females and come in a variety of styles and patterns. Gucci and Supreme both sell this item, calling them “Belt Bags” and “Waist Bags”.

The overall trend of the new year is comfort with an edgy twist. No longer are the days of saying “beauty is pain.” The effortless look is easy to achieve and much less intimidating. Keep up with the latest trends by checking various fashion magazines like Vogue or Cosmopolitan, check out the Hypebeast and Hypebae accounts on Instagram, or watch out for what your favorite celebrities are wearing on Instagram. Ditch the tight jeans and trade them in for some Puma sweatpants. Own the new year, 2018, by rocking the latest trends and styles.

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