10+ Years of GSA, and It’s Still Not A Club

December 14, 2017

One question has many people stumped around Waukee High School. Why isnt GSA considered a club? GSA was created over ten years ago and still is not a club. The process to becoming a recognized school club is more simple than you would think. Some signing of paperwork can turn virtually anything relevant into a club. So, why has it taken over ten years for the Gay Straight Alliance?

So, why has it taken over ten years for the Gay Straight Alliance?”

Many students have found refuge in Mr. Werleys room after school hours. “It could be a stigma that is ingrained in the minds of some of the people who chose whether or not something is a club,” theorizes junior Molly Belvo. People who attend GSA regularly say it is strange how they are overlooked. Students have chalked this up to ignorance in the school system and are looking for ways to get recognized as a school club.

Mr. Werley holds discussions for students to talk about why GSA is forgotten in club line ups. He also holds discussions about whatever a student wants to get off their chest, making GSA a very safe and open experience. Which also begs the question, why doesnt the school system make GSA a club even though students are reporting it to be such a good influence on their lives?

Schools like to put up posters advocating to call a self help hotline and to relieve stress. But, does this change when it comes to LGBT+ students? Having a space space, like GSA, in schools is very beneficial to students mental health, which in high school is important. GSA offers a safe space to students regardless of sexual orientation and to get the well needed help they deserve. It could be compared to as a therapy group with no pressure to fit in. GSA is a wonderful addition to Waukee High School and a high number of students think it should have the privilege to be recognized as a club.

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  1. Amelia on February 6th, 2018 9:01 AM

    Valid article 🙂

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