Sports Spotlight: Molly Turk

December 5, 2017

Energy radiates through the floors and walls of the gym, inspiring cheers and screams from the spectators. The girls shout and high-five, celebrating yet another score for the team. This is the energy that engulfed a certain 10 year old girl a while ago, and inspired her to play the game: volleyball.

Molly Turk is in her first year of coaching Waukee’s varsity volleyball team. Even in just one season, the team has seen incredible growth under Turk’s leadership. The team is now ranked 15th in Iowa, having beaten Valley (ranked 2nd in state), Ankeny (ranked 4th in state), and Urbandale (ranked 13th in state) many times this season. But even off the court, the girls have been working on becoming closer to improve their teamwork. Sometimes the varsity girls will go to the younger teams practices or games so they can support each other. Along with supporting other teams, the girls will go out to get ice cream after winning their own games. They also have team dinners on Monday nights. While connecting better with each other this year, the team is still trying to improve on a few more things outside of the court. Molly Turk explained, “We’re trying to work on believing we can make it to State.” And of course, no season can go off without a hitch. “One of our seniors who has a full-ride scholarship is out for the season [because of an injury].” Turk stated. But even after a rough last season, the team has improved a lot. Even with their amazing growth though, the girls are still working on believing in themselves. But Turk believes in the girls wholeheartedly. 

I think if your coach doesn’t believe in you, then the girls for sure don’t.”

— she stated

Like many coaches, Turk has been playing volleyball for a long, long time. She started playing in 4th grade at the age of 10 years old. “There was no other sport that you for to cheer after every point.” Turk expressed. “The energy in volleyball is a lot different from any other sport, so I just like that it’s really positive.”  She loved to play with her sister, who was a big inspiration to her. “My sister was a big influence and I just had a lot of really good “girl-friends” of mine that played as well, that I played with from 5th grade on,” Turk explained. “We all ended up playing in college together too.” Turk went to the University of Northern Iowa and was a setter on her team. College was when her coaching career blossomed. “When I was in college, we weren’t allowed to have a real job because volleyball occupied all our time. So [coaching] was the only part time job I could do,” she expressed.  “But I’ve always loved kids, so I thought since volleyball is the one thing I know a lot about, I could make money doing that.” Turk was 19 at the time she started coaching. 8 years later, she is proudly coaching Waukee’s varsity team, building them back up from the ground and leading them to countless victories.

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