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November 16, 2017

Waukee Snapchat Stories. You’ve probably seen them while scrolling through your snapchat stories and then do one of four things: leave the group, ignore the story, watch the story, or add to it. However, have you ever wondered what sparked the interest in creating these?
To begin, the Snapchat stories are group stories that most everyone in the school who has the app is able to view. Each story will go away if no one posts on the story within a twenty four hour time period. On these stories people will post about their day, share memes, and try to connect with one another. Some people find them entertaining, while others not so much. Either way, they are impacting our school.

Senior Wilson Lenerz is one of the few who is known to start these notable group stories. “The first day of school I started one… so some people can get to know each other,” said Lenerz. People post to these stories many times a day. Most stories are positive, but not always. So how is the negativity kept out? “If I see something that is negative, I get it off,” claimed Lenerz. He says that sometimes the negative or inappropriate posts are hard to control, but he does his best to remove these posts as soon as possible.

Lenerz’s overall goal for the Snapchat stories is to show other schools how great Waukee truly is. “I just want everybody to know that Waukee is a great place and to show that we are having fun too, not just sitting in school all day,” explained Lenerz. He wants to prove through Snapchat that Waukee is the best.

Mr. Justmann had never heard of these stories up until a couple weeks ago. However, he believes that as long as students are being kind, there is no need to get involved. The ability these stories have to promote Waukee in all its glory is what Mr. Justmann appreciates and hopes that others will see that, too.

On the other hand, not everyone in the school is as passionate about these stories compared to their peers. Aspen Goad, junior, is not a big fan of them.

“At the beginning of the year, I thought they were a good idea, like ‘Oh, that’s cool. You can go through them and see what people are doing and stuff,’ but now it’s like a dumping ground where people put random things, ””

— Claimed Goad

She typically ignores the stories because she is not interested in watching the stories that are over a couple hundred seconds long.

In Goad’s opinion the stories are not of any importance. “There are so many of them, and they all have the exact same thing on them,” she said. Goad also believes that there are some negative aspects that go hand-in-hand with the stories. “I saw this one kid that everyone was posting mean stuff about a kid on there, and I thought it was kinda mean,”she claimed. It is especially hard for Goad to see knowing that the whole school can see them as well.

The stories are certainly making a statement at the school, good and bad. Many are interested in seeing how long they will last and if they will actually have a long term positive impact on the school. In the end, what matters is using social media to show love, kindness, and why Waukee is the best.


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