IT (2017) Movie Review

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IT (2017) is a near perfect recreation of Stephen King’s original story by the same name. To not over elaborate on the many ins and outs of Stephen King’s literary universe, IT is about a spider demon clown god, if you have a problem with that, it’s an omnipotent being from before the creation of the universe, so it’s a little hard to explain. Just as Pennywise’s feeding cycle is 27 years of dormancy, so was the gap of time between the 1990 adaptation and the recently released 2017 edition.

The plot of IT follows the Losers Club, a group of schoolyard outcasts and their summer in the town of Derry. Throughout the summer, many mysterious disappearances occur. Along with these disappearances, all the members of the group have an encounter with the monster behind the mayhem, Pennywise, The Dancing Clown. Otherwise known as IT, as the title card suggests. These encounters lead to the kids uniting and they eventually combat the clown together. However, I believe it is best to leave any more details to avoid spoilers (though I will say the beatdown scene is one of the most satisfying scenes in cinematic history.)

After I watched the movie, I left the theater with one real question: How does the original hold up? To call the original IT a scary film is a downright hilarious thought. Now I may be exaggerating a bit here but to compare these two as horror films is to put a paper tiger to a storm: it is just no contest. The cheesiness of Tim Curry’s costume and performance as Pennywise is one of the funniest things I have had the pleasure of seeing recently.


To conclude, IT 2017 is one of the best films I have seen all year and I highly recommend going out to seeing it in theaters just to get the full experience. Even though I may not be qualified to give it a rating, I give IT a 9/10, for all around being a great horror film, with its use of suspenseful horror, lack of jumpscares, and exceptional character development, allowing you to actually root for the protagonists, rather than them being the cliche’ type teens from standard horror films.

Pennywise, The Dancing Clown, in the 1990 film.

 Most horror films take the mystery away from their monster in order to explain it to the audience, at the loss of some of the horror aspect. This film, keeps Pennywise’s background a complete mystery, leaving far more questions then answers by the end of the film, and due to this mystery factor, it adds additional horror, as you have no idea what Pennywise can even do, allowing your imagination to run wild. To summarize, go see IT. Lucky for you, if you enjoy it, a sequel has already been confirmed and is currently in development.