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October 10, 2017

Everyone knows that sad feeling they get deep down when they have been canceled on at the last minute. Some might have even gotten dressed up already, or had been looking forward to doing something exciting and out of the ordinary. Then, boom—plans are off. Now they do not know what to do with themselves and chances are they are also a bit upset and confused. Time is spent over-thinking and some might even have come to the conclusion that it’s all their fault. This is exactly how Marcus Gillespie feels each time the buddies don’t show up to Best Buddies.

Senior Tara Gates, Rayden Coady and junior Marissa Mapes draw with sidewalk chalk.

Do not get him wrong, Gillespie loves Best Buddies. He just gets extremely down when his buddies do not spend time with him on early outs and out of school – like they are supposed to do. “They always forget about me,” said Gillespie. He explained how this makes him feel like he has been teased because he got his hopes up, and then they were quickly gone; the cycle then repeats on and on. Gillespie is now a super senior, and he said that buddies have forgotten or choose to not show up every year.

Senior Allison Baty and Marcus Gillespie during the Best Buddies meeting last Early Out Wednesday.

For this year to be the best year of Best Buddies, Marcus has a few ideas in mind. Gillespie said, “I would change their actions, not showing up needs to be punished, and [buddies] not showing up [at all].” He also would like if Best Buddies met up more than twice a month, like it is right now, because he does not think that is enough time to make relationships and special bonds.

Get to know Marcus, and catch him at room 643 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during first block working the school coffee shop along with his friends. He really enjoys seeing both new and old faces and would be happy to make you a cappuccino, his favorite. Along with making coffee, playing soccer, and getting to see his friends at school everyday, he is really passionate about Best Buddies. However, he wishes everyone would play their roles and work together to make the experience greater.


Extra Info:
  • Meetings every early out for a fun, new activity  
  • 1pm – 2:30pm
  • Bring yourself, bring your friends
  • Questions: [email protected]
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