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Crowding in the ‘Kee

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Lunch Room Rampage

A new school year comes with many new issues. This year at Waukee High School, crowding in the cafeteria caught the attention

A student grabs some lunch before heading into the cafeteria to attempt to find a seat.

of students and staff.

“Crowding is a problem, but a good problem,” stated principal Cary Justmann.

In the first few days of classes, students struggled to find a place to sit at lunch or finding a table accommodating to the size of their friend group. Three new lunch tables have been ordered to help fix the crowding.

Counselor Jodi Vogt suggested, “Just try to be positive in the situation.”

As the year goes on, the crowding may fluctuate due to students in APEX and School-to-Work. However, it is hard to please everyone with a solution to the overcrowding. Principal Justmann and the counseling staff at WHS want to know if anyone is struggling or has ideas to benefit the school.

“I hope I’ve showed the teachers and families that I’ll listen,” Justmann finished.


Classroom Crowding

With an ever-expanding number of students in Waukee, it is difficult to keep classrooms from overflowing. To aid this problem, administration converted many of the computer labs in the school to classrooms. In the music hallway, students in Intermezzo– a junior and senior choir at Waukee High School– there is a lack of spots to stand in on the risers. Many students inevitably end up sitting or squatting on the floor.

“We just recently got our eighth riser. We used to have seven because we filled them all out. We had so many people sitting on the ground because they didn’t fit on the risers and all of our backpacks are scattered everywhere because of how many people are in intermezzo,” senior Kara Soughan stated.

Despite the extra riser being added to room 122, the organization of the classroom still suffers.

“Last year we had a lot of people in sophomore choir, and it was just really hard to keep everyone controlled,” explained junior Emily Andersen.

As far as solutions go, a 6.2 million dollar one is underway.

“With the new high school coming, … a lot of the student [body] will reduce. [It] will be in 2021. I mean as of now, it’s a problem; but it’s something we can deal with, I think,” shared Soughan.


Limited Parking, Limited Sleep

Every year, each senior is guaranteed a parking pass at Waukee High School: one of the privileges of seniority. Once every senior

Cars try to leave school just three minutes after the end of the day bell has rung.

receives a pass, the remaining passes go to junior students. There are not enough passes to give every junior a parking pass. Consequently, some juniors are given a pass, and others are not. No sophomore students receive passes, leaving a majority of students to find other options besides the WHS parking lot.

A popular question asked by underclassmen is, ‘Where do I park?’ Students without parking passes are able to use the Waukee stadium for parking. Unlike previous years, this year the stadium lacks the required amount of spots for all the students who drive to school.

Many students at WHS are having trouble finding a parking spot on a daily basis. This forces students to arrive at the stadium earlier each day. Long commutes also lead students to leave their house at earlier times.

“I have to wake up at 5:40 because I leave my house at 6:40,” shared sophomore Dylan Baer.

Some days, Baer still has trouble finding a parking spot, even though he leaves an hour and twenty minutes before the start of first block.

Some students are avoiding parking at the high school, and instead park in nearby neighborhoods. These students are able to wake up at a later time.

Junior Jackson Schmitt parks at a friend’s house across from the high school and says, “I wake up at 6:40. But I know that if I wanted to get a spot at the high school, I would have to wake up at 6:00.”

According to Schmitt, students are tweeting that the lot is full by 7 o’clock. Those lucky enough to find convenient parking spots enjoy the beauty of sleeping in a little longer than others.


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Crowding in the ‘Kee