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Student Photographers

 With the pressure of a fabric strap against the neck, a photographer holds the camera up to the eye and searches for the desired photo. The photographer snaps the shutter with great intention, immortalizing a subject. Photographers capture sunsets over the skyline, show human emotion, nature, and more themes. Many photographers in Waukee have learned to do so at a young age, showing their progress on social media.

    The most popular places to post pictures for high schoolers are on VSCO, Instagram, and Twitter. “I’ll put them on VSCO or Twitter,” Lauren Bown, a sophomore, shared. “I really like going out with all my friends and looking for new places to take pictures. It’s probably the most enjoyable part about it.” Bown enjoys working on close-up macro photography, portraits and landscapes.

    Bown continued, “It’s something that I like to do; I have always been interested in it. I have been taking pictures since sixth or seventh grade. What’s cool is all of the different techniques and the uniqueness of each photo.”

Photographs taken by Lauren Bown

  Photography is an optimal hobby to pick up during one’s youth. The first stage is studying photos from other photographers, and then picking up the camera and getting some of those shots that a newbie would want to emulate. With this knowledge, photographers will be able to capture the photos that they have always dreamed of shooting.

    “It’s a good way to show the world what you’re seeing, and it’s fun to go out and get some cool photos with your friends,” said sophomore Debashish Koirala, who has been shooting photos for at least two years.

Photographs taken by Debashish Koirala 


  Ben Jordison, a sophomore at Waukee, who has been involved with photography for about four years, is interested in shooting landscapes and portraits. “I like being able to show the world from my perspective so people know my taste, how I view [the world] and take in my surroundings,” Jordison explained. “Some of my main favorite things to shoot are landscapes and just other people, because I like to see their emotion and energy through the picture.”

Photographs taken by Ben Jordison

    Photography is a dynamic hobby to become involved. Photographers see everything differently, make new friends and get great shots. Around the Des Moines metro, many experienced photographers and camera shops offer photography lessons for beginners who just purchased a camera to advanced photographers looking to stretch their imagination and further their photography experience.

    The Des Moines Art Center offers classes for kids and adults, and photography shops like Christian Photo and Alexander Photo offer classes. DMACC even offers some great courses.

    Overall, Waukee student photographers are changing the way people view the community one photograph at a time.

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