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1 in 1700: Ledg Downs

Between school, sports, and other interests, junior Ledg Downs is constantly trying to manage his busy schedule. Downs describes what activities make his days so jam packed. “I am involved in track and football […] and cross country my freshman and sophomore years.” Downs also manages to find time to hang out with friends and enjoy TV shows and movies. He said The Office and Kingsman are among his favorites. He elaborated on what it is like to balance course load with athletics, “It is actually pretty difficult because you have practice after school. And you go through a hard workout and […] then once you get home you are super exhausted. It can be hard to find motivation to do your homework.” Downs excitedly recalls one of his favorite memories from here at the high school, which occurred this past football season. “There was this game where we were playing against Ankeny and in the final seconds [Drew Johnson] threw a pass to the endzone and [Zach Eaton] caught it to win the game. It was pretty insane.”

When asked to describe things he would change about the high school, Downs explained his frustration with the rigidity of high school. ““[The high school] seems too strict. I’m just waiting for college when things are looser and I can do what I want.” However, Downs admitted there are some aspects of high school he will miss. “I like the people here and will probably miss some of them when I go to college.” Downs would like to credit his parents for shaping him into the person he is. “I look up to my parents because they raised me right and with great morals.” As he transitions into his senior year, Downs has already begun his college search. “So far, I’ve looked at Iowa State, UNI, Illinois, and Purdue.” Downs hopes to study either architecture, engineering, or construction management.

This past summer, Downs took the opportunity to go on a mission trip to South Dakota through Ashworth Road Baptist Church. His group traveled to the Crow Creek Indian reservation where young children are at very high risk due to poverty, poor education, abuse, and suicide. Downs describes what he did on the trip and the tremendous impact it has left on him. “I helped with bible school for kids ages 4 to 6 […] It was awesome because I got to help the kids feel like they mattered and that they were cared about.” The skills Downs has learned from his various experiences and activities have helped better prepare him for college and his future afterwards.


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