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WILC Open House

As guests mingle amongst themselves, captivating conversations drift around the newly furnished rooms of the Waukee Innovation & Learning Center. People seem to fill up every cushioned chair and inch of carpet space, while visitors enthuse about the new, beautiful venue.

On Monday, April 10th, the Waukee Innovation & Learning Center (WILC) was shown to the public for the first time. Students, teachers, and parents alike came to hear from APEX students about their different strands and see the wonderful piece of architecture. The WILC is a building designed and built for the Waukee Community School District and other businesses. The building promotes creative learning through collaboration with business partners and professionals, with many interactive “classrooms,” that don’t even feel like classrooms at all. While housing many rooms for individualized learning, it also includes meeting rooms, decompression zones, and even a cafe.

The building can also be used for community conferences and events, such as the open house. During the busy evening, most people came to look at the WILC and speak with students in APEX strands, but many came to hear from a special speaker: Iowa Lieutenant General Kim Reynolds. She briefly spoke at the event about the many new opportunities the WILC will offer. She then went on to praise the students of the Waukee APEX program, saying she is very excited to see the new generation of young people preparing to take over the workforce of Iowa. She ended by thanking the numerous people that took time to come see the WILC in all its glory.

With the WILC now finished and open to the public; administrators, teachers, and students are excited for the future of the building. Many people seem curious about all the knowledge and opportunities it may hold.

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