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Tattooed Students

Whether Waukee High School students notice or not, many tattooed students roam the halls. Wherever these tattoos exist on their bodies, teens take pride in them. According to a Harris poll, tattoos are becoming less taboo as time goes on, with 47% of people ages 18 to 35 having one. Many parents are more accepting as well, giving consent for their sons and daughters to permanently mark their skin.

Brendan Vacco

Vacco rolled up his sleeves to show his meaningful tattoo.

Age: 18


First Tattoo date: November 1st,  2016

Explanation of tattoo: It’s the birthdate of my dad and brother in typewriter font.

Does your family approve?: Oh yeah, but some people in my family are kind of indifferent to it.  [But] everyone is generally okay with it.

Have you always wanted a tattoo?: Yes, since I was about 8 or 9, I’ve wanted tattoos. I just didn’t know what of.

Will you ever regret it?: No, it’s a tattoo with meaning.

What does it mean to you?: It’s in memory of them, because they have both passed away.

Morgan Mitchell

Mitchell revealed her minimalistic, yet personal tattoo.

Age: 18


First tattoo: During Winter Break

What are your tattoos?: Three parallel lines, and my mom’s birthdate.

Have you always wanted tattoos?: I haven’t always wanted one, [but] it was more of a recent thing.

Do your parents approve?: Yes, my mom approves.

Will you ever regret it?: No, because they have meaning and purposfe to them, and not something stupid.

What’s the meaning of the three lines?: My brothers Mason, and Michael, and me are the three lines. Parallel lines are always next to each other, meaning we will be together through thick and thin.

Juwanza Curtis

Curtis showed the tattoo he got to honor his mother, Kia.

Age: 16

First tattoo: July 7th 2016, [my dad’s birthday].

What is your Tattoo?: My mother’s name.

Do your parents approve?: Yes

What made you want to get a tattoo?: To show the love I have for my mother, Kia.

Will you ever regret it?: No, I will never regret getting my mom’s name on my body.

Chaise Russell

Russell displayed his collection of tattoos.

Age: 18


First tattoo date: September 12th, 2016

Do your parents approve: Yes, they do.

Will you ever regret them: No, I love them.

What are they: The tattoo on my left arm is the galaxy, and then a faith Chinese symbol on my right arm.

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