February 23, 2017

Waukee High School has over 2,000 students from 9th through 12th grade all of whom have the opportunity to participate in the sports available at the school. This creates a very competitive environment for all the athletes that are working to earn the top varsity spot, but some students just want to step back from the competitiveness of the school sports and have the opportunity to simply play for fun. “My favorite part about intramurals is being able to have fun with my friends without the pressures of normal high school sports. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to play, even if you’re not the best at a certain sport,” Erin Stender, a senior at Waukee High School, stated. Senior Grant Roszhart agreed, “My favorite part [of intramurals] is that you can make a team of your friends and not have to worry about being super competitive and just enjoy playing a sport.”

Photo via GoPro of the “Fredette About Its” team practicing basketball.

The Intramural program at Waukee started just last school year and was instantly a hit. Many students participate in the the fun program. There are five sports available to participate in right now. “I play football, volleyball, and soccer,” Stender stated. The other sports offered are dodgeball, and basketball. Even though intramural sports were created for students to play for fun, there is still a competitive side to them. Each sport has a regular season followed by tournament play, and the winner of each sport receives a t-shirt to commemorate the victory. “[My team] finished first this year in volleyball, and it was so much fun!” Stender recollected. The Volleyball season is the most recent sport to come to a close, with the A$AP Slams team taking home the win. Roszhart, a member of the A$AP Slams, stated, “My favorite memory of Intramurals was playing the Spikaholics in volleyball this year, because it was a really close game and a ton of fun.”

The next intramural season coming up is dodgeball, and any students from grades 10-12 are allowed to participate in the intramural program, all those who are interested have to do is put together a Coed team, and register on the RecIt app.

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