Girls’ Basketball

February 10, 2017

From walking out on the court of a regular season game with a few hundred eyes watching, to the state tournament with thousands of eyes watching each player’s every move. The Waukee girls basketball team carry unparalleled success throughout the years, and this year is looking to be no different. From the start of the season to today, the team has grown tremendously. They are constantly building relationships across the team that that bring everyone closer together. “We started off a little slow, but now we have found our chemistry as a team because of what we call [the]  juice” explained sophomore Jori Nieman. This is Niemans second year being apart of this team.  The “juice” is shown throughout the team in each game and practice. Only the members of the team truly know what the juice symbolizes.

Most of the girls on the team have played on other club teams outside of the school team. Senior Kylie Coleman described how the two are different. “Playing at Waukee is like playing with your family. We’re all really close and hang out all the time, which is always fun.” The team ranges from sophomores to seniors, but this does not slow them down. “You know your teammates better, because you go to the same school,” said Nieman.

With the state tournament growing closer, the team is continually looking for skills they can improve on, so that they can achieve overall success. “When it comes to tournament time, it’s win or go home. So as a team, we will know this […] could be the last game the team plays together,” exclaimed Nieman. With just one week left of the regular season, the team is always working to get better. At the same time, they enjoy spending time together both in basketball and out. “We just started a tradition of juice a couple games ago” says Nieman. Each player makes a contribution to the team in any way that they can. For most this is done by “bringing the juice” everyday. Coleman explains, “Now that we’ve got the juice, I think we’re in good shape for the last half of the season.”

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