Fashion Club Overview


Waukee’s Fashion Club is not a very depicted club in the high school. This club works hard to bring students together who love fashion, crafting, and hands- on activities. They walk club members through the process of various skills such as sewing and knitting. Junior Maddie Darveau, is one of the four leaders of fashion club. She explains, “I think people should join fashion club because it’s a good way to express yourself and make new friends.

Fashion club meets weekly on Wednesday mornings, beginning at 7:10 in room 216. Although it can be challenging for some students to wake up early for these meetings, the leaders do their very best to make every meeting worthwhile.

A new feature the club added this year is hands-on workshops. Every Thursday, right after school, there is a workshop related to what the students learned about during the Wednesday morning meeting. This provides members the chance to construct their very own projects, instead of just learning about it. For the most part, fabric and all materials are provided, which makes it easy for the club members to participate week after week.

The club also works year round on the fashion show that takes place at the end of the school year. This year will be the second year a fashion show has been put together by the students at Waukee High School. The fashion show features the work of many students and fashion club members. Waukee Fashion Club president, junior, Sydney Papadopolous-Fraklin explained, “The small details are the hardest part because without them a fabulous show could not be created.” It is a lot of hard work, but watching the models strut down the runway in hand made pieces makes everything worth it.

Any students that have even the slightest interest in fashion or hands- on projects are encouraged to get involved in the Waukee Fashion Club, and come to a meeting to see what it is like. Papadopolous- Franklin added, “You should come to fashion club because you get to meet new friends, while connecting with others about fashion.” Anyone and everyone is welcome!