The Origins of ISIS

ISIS terrorists with seized American-made tanks and weapons. Photo from

ISIS terrorists with seized American-made tanks and weapons. Photo from

The world is beginning to turn into a warzone. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS (also known as ISIL), has become a dominant worldwide issue. ISIS has declared itself The Islamic State, not as a terrorist organization, but a political group. Still, the U.S. and other countries are declaring the latter. ISIS has been responsible for the slaughter and capture of thousands, and has been using U.S. artillery against innocent victims in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS has been an organization for years now, but recently peaked when they recovered United States artillery after defeating parts of the Iraqi and Syrian Army. They have used the weaponry to eliminate and take over many villages in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. has sent airstrikes to Syria, in attempt to destroy all of their captured weaponry.

ISIS has struck up even more controversy, not only in Washington, but also with the people of the United States. President Obama stressed the fact that U.S. boots were not going to be on the ground, but airstrikes would continue. According to Fox News, the White House wants Congress’ support on keeping U.S. troops out of the Middle East, but Congress wants an articulated plan.

“It’s so important that there is more action,” said Morgan Smith on the topic. She too believes that the U.S. needs to do more than airstrikes to defeat ISIS.

The views on what kind of action should occur are very diverse, but almost all agree that something needs to be done.

“ISIS is a terrorist organization, all they want is to bring hurt and fear into the world,” said junior, Megan Andersen.

“I think it’s awful and horrid,” said Matt Atterson.

“They’re worse than al Qaeda because they video tape the gruesome and horrifying executions, and that they are cowards for trying to display what little power they have by including fear,” ranted Cody Milligan.

The  extermination of all religions outside of The Islamic States beliefs has dominated in Iraq, starting a movement that could eventually become genocide. Thousands of ‘Infidels’, non-believers of the Islamic faith, were kept captive on a mountain in Syria after fleeing from attacks by ISIS. Families were forced to bury their children and elders, in hope of them surviving the punishing rays. Dehydration was as fatal to the thousands of hostages as the massacre that was also occurring on the mountain and to anyone who descended it.

Two American reporters have been beheaded in the name of ISIS, bringing America farther into the fight. The reporters, along with several others, were decapitated while video was being shot. Some of these videos have been leaked, causing the morbid scenes to be visible to anyone. In these videos, the victims are not only beheaded in an inhumane way, but their dead bodies are also shot multiple times. Terror spiked when a woman was beheaded, and another was stabbed in Oklahoma by a Muslim convert. Although it is not confirmed, he is suspected as an ISIS supporter.

“The video, in my opinion, seemed like it was directed at us (the US) to threaten who we are and what we stand for,” said junior Sam Dixon. These images have changed the way people see the situation, and America is finally starting to take action with air strikes.

On Wednesday September 10th, Obama addressed the union on the situation in Syria.

“Our objective is clear. We will degrade and ultimately destroy [ISIS],” he said. In his speech he also mentioned the fear of America being targeted by this terrorist group.

“While we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland, [ISIS] leaders have threatened America and our allies,” he stated. “Moreover I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists that threaten our country, wherever they are.” In his commencement he also called attention to the fact that some Americans have gone to the dark side (joined ISIS) and could pose a potential threat to the American people.

America is finally going to take objectified action, sending in 475 troops to train the Iraqis, and continuing with more airstrikes against ISIS. President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney agreed on two things. Blood shed is unavoidable and taking down ISIS will take time, but with the participation of other countries, we can, and will take down ISIS.


ISIS leader mocks the United States on twitter. The account was later disabled. Photo from