iPhone Takeover


As one of the top leaders in technology Apple has been influencing the world since 1976 due to, Steve Jobs and Steve Woziak.

Apple has influenced all of Waukee. Residents can barely go ten feet without seeing some kind of Apple device. Students carry around iPhones, iPad, and use mac computers during the school day. The newest addition to the Apple inventions, (iOS 8, iPhone six, and the iPhone six plus) are taking the world by storm.

IOS 8 is the new update for most Iphones. Originally for IPhone six, you can get it on any iphone that has the available software and storage space. According to Apple.com, iOS’s main feature is the update on the apps people use everyday. People can now find their photos faster with an organizing tool and edit photos for a new look.

Also, the feature most people are excited about, is being able to take yourself out of group messages. No longer will messengers have to endure the endless stream of texts messages.

Those are just some of the main features on iOS 8, though none of that would be possible without the release of the iPhone six. The iphone six, and the iphone six plus, have all knew features, that have people with older iphones, green with envy.

The iphone six is 4.7 inches long and 6.9 mm wide. The plus is almost one inch bigger than its comrade at 5.5 inches and 7.1 mm wide. Though the largest iphones yet, they are the thinnest by far.

Above, the evolution of the iPhone's slimmer fit is shown. The iPhone 6 and 6+ are Apple's slimmest models yet.
Above, the evolution of the iPhone’s slimmer fit is shown. The iPhone 6 and 6+ are Apple’s slimmest models yet.

The six includes retina display, making contrast of colors brighter and more definite. Wider viewing angles give the owner the feeling that the picture could start moving at any time.

The camera is packed with new features, and has technology that lets anyone take the most amazing photos. Some of the new features include 240­fps slo­mo and time­lapse video. These photos, taken in HD and being able to watch on a stunning screen, make users feel like it could come to life.

The iphone six connects faster to the internet and is three times faster. The six also includes the fingerprint system for the security. With the advanced security, owners can now also approve of purchase through the app store, ibooks, and itunes without having to type in your password.

Apple has once again made the top of the chart with the sales, and soon iPhone sixes will be as common as any other iPhone.